Bizarre Colorado crimes inspiring copycats?

Luke Irvin Chrisco, who became known last summer as the Boulder porta-potty peeper, has been found competent to stand trial -- even if it seems like no person in his right mind would choose such a venue to get his creep on. But strange as that was, someone else pulled a similar stunt, proving that no Colorado crime is too weird to copy. Here are three recent examples. [jump]

Number 3: Let's get this potty started

The aforementioned Mr. Chrisco, who's been known to go by the nickname "Skye," made international headlines last year after he was arrested for peeping at women at a Boulder yoga festival -- from inside a porta-potty tank..

Here's an animated video reenactment of the incident:

Chrisco faces multiple counts of burglary and unlawful sexual contact; he is scheduled to be arraigned on August 10.

And now we have number two in the porta-potty-peeper brigade.

Last week, a 29-year-old-man in Brunswick, Maine, was taken into custody after he was found at the bottom of a portable toilet on a disc golf course. Even before he was located in this peculiar hiding place, witnesses say the man was acting erratically -- rolling in the mud and knocking over trash cans. After a high-pressure spray down, he was taken to a nearby hospital.

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