Proof that Diana DeGette actually met with voters at a healthcare town hall

Even after Congresswoman Diana DeGette announced a slew of in-person healthcare town halls to supplement a previously scheduled teleconference, she was still portrayed in some quarters as trying to dodge face-to-face interaction on the subject. Note the accusations leveled by a Ron Paul supporter who posted a video critical of her. Now, however, there's plenty of video proof that she took on questions aplenty during a stop at National Jewish Health's Molly Blank Conference Center on Thursday. The clip above finds DeGette boosting a public healthcare option -- and look below for multiple videos in which she offers takes on funding reform ideas, the concerns of folks who want change, the positive aspects of competition, the issue of illegal immigrants qualifying for coverage, euthenasia, abortion funding and much more. In each, DeGette can be seen speaking with supporters and detractors alike, just as most of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle did during Congress' summer recess -- albeit several weeks earlier, in most cases.