Adolfo Luna-Hernandez: Ice cream man accused of inappropriately touching customer, age 5

Ice cream men: Their sweet treats draw children in droves -- and Adolfo Luna-Hernandez, 37, allegedly took advantage of this situation. According to the Lakewood Police Department, Luna-Hernandez was arrested after complaints that he improperly touched a five-year-old girl who'd been attracted by his push cart of goodies. He was scheduled to be advised of the charges against him this morning.

Look below to get more details in an LPD release:

Ice Cream Vendor Arrested for Sexual Assault on Child

Lakewood police detectives have arrested a man who they believe may have sexually assaulted a child as he sold ice cream from a push cart in the area of 12th and Wadsworth Blvd. On July 14th Lakewood police responded to investigate a complaint that a 5-year-old female had been inappropriately touched by the man who commonly sold ice cream in the area. As a result of their investigation, police identified 37-year-old Adolfo Luna-Hernandez (04-17-73), as the suspect.

An arrest warrant for Luna-Hernandez was obtained. Pictures of Luna-Hernandez were furnished to patrol agents in an attempt to locate and arrest him.

On 07-23-10 shortly after 6:00 pm, patrol agents observed Luna-Hernandez in the area of 17th and Harlan St. again selling ice cream. He was taken into custody.

Luna-Hernandez was booked into the Jefferson County Jail and will make an appearance in court at 10:00 on July 28, 2010 to be formally advised of the charge against him.

Due to the nature of the charges and the fact that the victim is a juvenile, further information is very limited. Anyone who feels they may have information that would assist in the investigation and/or regarding Luna-Hernandez is asked to contact Lakewood police detective Jennifer Moore at 303-987-7111.