Joshua Newton, CU student, suspected of kidnapping, sexual assault in dorm

No doubt the parents of CU students who live on campus will be alarmed when they hear about the arrest early this morning of a man being investigated for kidnapping, sexual assault and other crimes. But CU-Boulder Police public information officer Molly Bosley wants to head off as much panic as she can.

"It's our calculation that there's no immediate threat to the greater community," she says. "This incident involved two individuals who knew each other."

If the allegations are accurate, the female student in question may well wish she didn't know Joshua Newton, 19.

According to Bosley, "This incident occurred this morning at approximately 1 a.m. in one of our residence halls. At this point, the information we're releasing isn't very detailed, but what we do understand is that a student forcibly moved a female from one room to another, locked her in the room, and wouldn't allow her to leave. And we're investigating allegations that a sexual assault occurred."

She adds that the information they've received suggests that the suspect and the victim had "a previous history."

Accusations against Newton include kidnapping, third-degree assault, sexual assault, obstruction of telephone service and domestic violence. He's currently cooling his heels in Boulder County Jail.

Which isn't nearly as nice as the CU dorm he occupied less than 24 hours ago.