Denver Art Museum's Untitled's Got LEGS

Since the first one in February, the event series known as Untitled at the Denver Art Museum has transformed the new Hamilton wing from a huge crumpled piece of tin foil into a huge crumpled piece of tin foil that serves booze. Add some interesting special events combining music, live performance and food – and voila! Suddenly tin foil becomes an awesome spot to spend a Friday night. Who knew? Well, everyone it seems. At least every underground art-partier sick of drafty warehouses and cramped galleries.

Tonight’s line-up should be just as interesting. Cello indieboy Ian Cooke is slated to croon along with experimental sonic duo Beatrix*JAR. Apparently the only instruments used by these Minneapolis-based circuit benders (known in real life as Bianca Pettis and Jacob Roske) are old Casio keyboards and other Goodwill-salvaged music toys that have been spliced and interconnected into contraptions that seem themselves almost artful.

Then there’s the performance piece titled The LEGS Project by local performance artist/fashion person Damaris Drummond. The YouTube teaser included above is maddeningly abstract – but what do you expect from a woman who spent last Valentines Day nailing pig hearts to the inside of a box? Thankfully, the only animal parts that LEGS involves is chicken feathers – along with house paint, vinegar, confetti and an old-school Schwinn. Hmmm. It’s interactive, so, uh, get involved with art, art goers! If you dare.

Untitled #8 starts at 6pm at the Denver Art Museum, 100 W 14th Avenue, free with regular museum admission ($10 for Colorado residents). Call (720) 865-5000 for more info. – Jared Jacang Maher