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Judgment Day is coming, but what does it mean? You be the judge

Less than 24 hours from judgment day, there's apparently still plenty of time to quibble over just what, exactly, Boulder-born Harold Camping has predicted will happen to the world on May 21, as advertised on an end-of-the-world billboard that popped up in town last month.

Here's kgreen's take:

It's a little eery that everyone is poking fun at this. Even if the guy is not approved of the Lord Jesus, he could be used to turn this into the "Judgment" Day for His Name Sake. To show that the Code was right, but the guy isn't going to be saved either. Maybe he's being used to show that man things Judgment warnings are something to scoff at like they did in Noah's day. They laughed and mocked Noah, but guess what? Uh oh. It's true and we are going to drown --- eeeks!!! It will be interesting, if Jesus comes for the real believers!!

And this from druckaduck:

Not buying it? old fable? your pretty foolish. and dont know much "science". there are currently 180 something thousand different kinds of bats living today. do you honestly think that many existed 7 thousand years ago? if you did you would be a fool. there are currently 300 different species of dogs living today, again, do you honestly think that many existed 7 thousand years ago? nope. its very possible to fit that many animals on a ship that large because there were not as many different animals back then as there are now. thas science foo. and listen, God said he would feed and take care of the animals, and noah had to take care of his own people on the ark, part of being a christian is having faith, if you have no faith in anything, then you can pretty much say you have nothing. there is alot more science related things i can tell you about to prove points. i hate typing.

And no time to learn how to type better now...

Yes, Harold Camping was born in Boulder -- a town that plays a big role in end-of-the-world stories. Read about it in "The Apocalypse Will Kick Off in Boulder."