Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

We Have Your Wallet

Dwayne Edward Wright, we have your wallet -- the wallet you lost back in the mid-70s, when you were a student at a community college in Texas.

So how did that wallet wind up under a pine tree in Conifer, Colorado?

My brother found it while doing some Mother's Day yard work, and he and his wife did a careful excavation of the contents -- a driver's license, a Kroger card, a student ID -- but nothing to explain how your wallet could wind up more than a thousand miles from the Houston address listed on your license. And they came up with a theory: Their house was built back in 1976, when developers started moving into previously untouched stretches of mountain land outside of Denver. Maybe the developer of this particular project brought in work crews from Texas, and you were picking up some fast summer cash before finishing college and going on to a career as....

a pro football player, a minister, a filmmaker, a Houston police detective -- all occupations of Dwayne Wrights who showed up with a fast google search.

If any of you lost a wallet more than thirty years ago, let us know. Oh, and sorry: There was no money inside. -- Patricia Calhoun