AM-760's Mario Solis-Marich "boofs" the CU Buffs

Update, 4:40 p.m.: Clear Channel's Kris Olinger has gotten back to me, and Mario Solis-Marich plans to discontinue the practice described below. Look for a more complete blog on this subject tomorrow.

Although Mario Solis-Marich talks about Denver matters during his afternoon talk show on AM-760, he's seldom within the city limits when he does so. He lives in Los Angeles, where he helms a weekend program on KTLK-AM -- and the distance may come in handy, since he's currently taking flak in these parts for his manner of referring to the CU Buffaloes. When teasing Buffs broadcasts, as he did this past Friday, he tends to jokingly refer to the team as "the Boofs."

A harmless twist on the usual vowel? Not quite. The first meaning for "boof" in the online Urban Dictionary is: "Short for buttfuck." Granted, other definitions are less profane, including "to be hit squarely in the face during a pillow fight" and "a term used in the sport of whitewater kayaking to describe the move one makes when paddling off a waterfall, over an obstacle, or anything that requires lifting the kayak's bow into the air." But several others also reference the derriere -- among them, "To shove something up your ass or rectum."

Apparently, the frustration caused by CU's mega-ugly 54-38 loss to the University of Toledo prompted some Solis-Marich listeners to take their irritation over his pronunciation public. I've received a couple of e-mails on the subject in recent days, and complaints also turned up on AM-760's online forum. Here's an excerpt from the note that started the conversation:

How about that folks. Everytime this LA transplant talks about athletics at the #1 state college he insults the team. He insults the players, the team, the fans, the alumni, and anyone that has a little CU pride.

The worst thing is that he KNOWS he's insulting CU athletics. I called Rick about this and he said that folks at KKZN (sports guys, techs, admin) have asked him to change but he won't.

So everytime he knowingly calls the CU team "b#ttf*ckers" because in his warped immature brain it's funny. Every season you have this professed Progressive "Live & Local" talent insult our state college team.

Now aren't all you Mario fans pretty proud of that?

Yesterday afternoon, I phoned Kris Olinger, who oversees AM-760 via her position as head of AM programming for Clear Channel Denver, and asked her about the Buff-vs.-Boof matter. She said she hadn't heard about the issue and would get back to me about it. I phoned again several hours later, and her secretary passed along the message that she still didn't have an answer for me but was working on it. I'll pass along her take as soon as she responds. In the meantime, though, there are a number of CU fans who'd like to deliver a variation on a certain word to Solis-Marich: boo.