Bob Beauprez abandoning candidacy but not spotlight

Despite signs earlier this month that Bob Beauprez was itching to take on Michael Bennet in the 2010 race for the U.S. Senate, the former congressman and failed gubernatorial hopeful has decided against taking the plunge. Still, it's clear that the temptation to run was strong. Yesterday afternoon, he filled in for Dan Caplis on KHOW's afternoon-drive show, and while introducing guest commentator Michael Barone, regular host Craig Silverman teasingly identified Beauprez as a potential senate candidate. Rather than contradicting Silverman, Beauprez merely chuckled and then launched into chummy small talk with Barone.

In a blog about his choice posted on his personal website, Line of Sight, Beauprez shies away from discussing the difficulties he faced in raising funds to mount a credible challenge to Bennet. Instead, he talks about having just started a business raising buffalo on a ranch managed by his son. Still, his KHOW appearance demonstrates how much he still wants to be involved shaping the Republican message in Colorado, as does this line from the blog: "I will do all I can to see that Colorado elects a Senator in 2010 who represents our conservative values and who will bring badly needed common sense to Washington." With that in mind, expect to see a lot of Beauprez in the next year or so. Just not on a ballot.

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Regarding the 2010 Senate Election

Colorado has always been my home, and the place where Claudia and I have experienced the very best of the American Dream. We have enjoyed a great life here throughout our nearly 40 years of marriage, made countless friends, and raised our children in this great state.

The duty to improve Colorado, to give back, and to make a difference, has always been a part of who I am. I operated that way running our dairy farm and building up a community bank. Ultimately that same desire drew me to service in public office.

In the post-9/11 days, I was drawn to run for Congress to defend our way of life and our freedom as your representative in the "People's House." That year we won by the slimmest of margins, just 121 votes. Grateful for the opportunity, we worked hard on behalf of Colorado's families, and in 2004 won re-election by nearly 30,000 votes. In 2006, believing that my life experience would help me make a difference for all Coloradans, I was proud to represent the GOP as your candidate for Governor.

Since then, I've authored A Return to Values: a Conservative looks at his Party. The book reflects on some of the political successes and mistakes made by us Republicans. It also offers my "Agenda for America" -- a road map of issues that America must address guided by conservative principles to preserve our freedom. I founded a monthly e-magazine, A Line of Sight, that has been a resource of conservative opinion on current public policy and key issues.

I've stayed involved, keeping my eyes open for other ways to make a difference. Not every opportunity is the right one though, and having been presented with the potential to serve in the United States Senate, Claudia and I considered it very carefully. However after significant reflection, I will not be a candidate for the Senate in 2010.

Recently, we started a new family business, raising buffalo on a ranch in Colorado's mountains. I'm enjoying working with our son, Jim, who is managing the ranch, much as I worked side-by-side with my own father in the dairy business. And most personally, Claudia and I love being grandparents as well as spending more time than we've ever had with our grown children.

Short of being a candidate, I will do all I can to see that Colorado elects a Senator in 2010 who represents our conservative values and who will bring badly needed common sense to Washington. I believe we will have a great nominee, and I believe we can and will win. It will take all of us pulling in the same direction, for the same reason.

The promise of freedom drew my grandfather to America, and freedom has propelled generations of Americans toward countless blessings. Conservative principles ensure those freedoms are available for our families, our communities, and our nation. It will take all of us to give voice and purpose to those principles. You have my pledge that I'll continue to do my part for all the years I have left to serve.

Both Claudia and I greatly appreciate your friendship, advice, and support. We hope you will understand our decision, and like us, we ask that you work to nominate and elect a strong Colorado conservative to the U. S. Senate in 2010.