The Rocky Mountain News Turns Its Mountains Majestic Purple In Honor of the Rockies

The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News are clearly going to ride the Colorado Rockies' horse until it breaks the tape first or winds up as dog food. Rockies-related matters dominated the covers of both dailies again on October 18, even though the only real development of note involved the team's decision to sell all of its World Series tickets online. Oh my God! Stop the presses!

Still, the Rocky has taken its blathering fandom one step further than has its crosstown quasi-rival. As is clear from the accompanying image, the tabloid's banner customarily featured the word "Rocky" against a red backdrop and "Mountain News" over a gray stripe featuring a subtle illustration meant to suggest the Continental Divide. In recent days, however, the gray has given way to purple -- one of the Rockies team colors.

A permanent switch, or merely a temporary one? Whatever the case, it's one more indication that the local media is high on the Rockies -- or maybe just high. -- Michael Roberts