Department of Revenue chief petitions feds to ease up on MMJ

As mandated by state law, the director of the state Department of Revenue formally requested that the federal government reconsider their position on medical marijuana last week.

Thanks to an often-forgotten clause in House Bill 1284, which laid the framework for the current regulatory system in place, the director of the Colorado Department of Revenue, Barbara Brohl, had to formally request that the Drug Enforcement Administration move marijuana from a Schedule I narcotic with no accepted medical value to a Schedule II drug, which doctors can recommend and administer to patients.

The letter was dated December 22, which means that it's likely landed on DEA director Michele Leonhart's desk by now. But will it make a difference? No. Probably not, but it's a good gesture and only increases the pressure put on the federal government by medical marijuana states to get with the times and quit punishing sick people for finding some natural relief.

The letter also comes on the heels of a similar plea signed by the governors of Washington and New Jersey. No word on if there will be a response from the DEA.

Read the letter in its entirety below:

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