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Reader: Ron Paul supporter tells Republicans not to treat marijuana like political Kryptonite

In a post yesterday, marijuana advocate Brian Vicente predicted that the federal government will reschedule pot in five years -- but only if either Barack Obama or Ron Paul win the 2012 election. A number of Paul supporters weighed in on the issue, with one warning of dire consequences if conservatives keep demonizing weed.

Joeyrockx writes:

As a conservative I'm getting concerned. This issue is quickly becoming our "illegal immigration" so to speak. We need to pull our heads out of the sand before we lose future generations for good. This is a common sense issue, its as basic as two plus two, all the polls show support for legal cannabis rising at a staggering rate. We need to let go of the old wives tales, let go of the nonsensical horror stories. All the science points in the same direction, all the polls point in the same direction, not to mention basic common sense points in the same direction. We have 5% of the worlds population and we house 25% of the worlds prison population, that costs money, that is insane.

As conservatives its important that we make it clear to younger generations. We are the party of common sense. We are the party of freedom and personal responsibility. There is absolutely no reason to laugh in the face of science, while holding on to bankrupting, backward policy's for the sake of nostalgia. Its time to let go of the past, we were wrong, period. The war on drugs has destroyed millions of lives, we've wasted over a trillion dollars. This is supposed to be the land of the free, not the land of the incarcerated. We have allowed our government to rob us of our 4th amendment rights, all for what? A plant? Are you kidding me? Stand up for freedom before there's none left to fight for. Freedom and personal responsibility, live it, breath it, preach it. Vote for Ron Paul.

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