Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

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This is the second week in the federal trial of Cory Voorhis, the immigration agent accused of accessing the National Crime Information Center database and leaking information that wound up used in an anti-Bill Ritter ad back in October 2006, one of two involving Ritter's dealings with illegal immigrants when he was DA.

So far, Voorhis is the only one charged in connection with this incident, but it wasn't the only mess entangling the Bob Beauprez campaign, the Colorado Republican Party and Trailhead Group, a 527 funded by prominent Republicans. Two weeks earlier, the Colorado Republican Party had thrown a dead girl under the bus, grossly misrepresenting a drunk-driving case in an attempt to discredit Ritter -- and not even letting the dead girls' parents know that their daughter was about to become a political pawn. Read all about it here. -- Patricia Calhoun