Abortion opposition meets Burma-Shave

The West Bowles Avenue side of Light of the World Catholic Church in Littleton.

From 1925 until 1963, Burma-Shave, a then-popular shaving cream, promoted its products using sequential highway road signs that drivers could eyeball as they motored past. For example, one six-sign pitch from 1952 read as follows: "The wolf" -- "Is shaved" -- "So neat and trim" -- "Red Riding Hood" -- "Is chasing him" -- "Buma-Shave."

The concept lives on, sort of, at Light of the World Catholic Church in Littleton -- except the message is about stopping abortion, not getting rid of those pesky bristles. The church's boundary along well-traveled West Bowles Avenue is festooned with flags representing aborted children -- and a six-sign message related to them can be read by commuters heading either east or west (the slogans appear on both sides). Click "More" to see them in order. But be warned: They don't rhyme. -- Michael Roberts