Ty Lawson, tattooed Nuggets point guard, stars in "Ink Not Mink" campaign for PETA

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson is taking his shirt off for animals. That is, he's starring in a new ad for PETA in which he declares that he chooses ink (tattoos, of which he has many -- including one of himself) and not mink (basically, weasel fur).

"I'd rather tat myself, ink myself, instead of wearing fur because no matter what the pain is from the tattoo, it's not going to amount to what the animals are feeling when their skin is used for, you know, just clothing and things like that," he says in a video on view below.

Below, check out the full-sized ad and the video. Also below are two tweets we found on Lawson's Twitter account when we were searching for photos of his tattoos. The first is self-explanatory. The second, from September 2012, appears to be a Kanye West lyric that PETA didn't like one bit.

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