Diana DeGette belatedly getting her healthcare on

Back on August 4, the conservative Face the State website (which is currently in limbo as it attempts to restructure), went out of its way to slap Congresswoman Diana DeGette for scheduling only one healthcare town hall -- over the phone. At the time, a number of congressional reps on both sides of the aisle, including Betsy Markey and Mike Coffman, hadn't firmly slated any public meetings, so singling DeGette out seemed baldly partisan -- which helps explain why KHOW's Dan Caplis quickly jumped in to beat the same drum. Still, Markey and Coffman subsequently staged get-togethers, while DeGette's highest-profile appearance in regard to reform was a stop at the Stout Street Clinic in the company of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi -- not quite the same thing as hosting her own session.

This week, however, DeGette is playing catchup; she's devoting pretty much the entire week to the healthcare topic. Her schedule began with stops at the Englewood Library and Channel 4 yesterday. Tomorrow, she's taking part in a Facebook online chat through her public page. Thursday, she's taking questions while guesting on AM 760, then heading over to the Molly Blank Conference Center at National Jewish for a 10 a.m. gabfest, followed at 7:10 p.m. by the aforementioned telephone conference. And on Saturday, September 12, she's committed to another in-person assembly, at a location to be announced.

Whether that's enough public outreach to placate conservatives is questionable -- but NObamacare types will certainly have numerous opportunities to scream at her.