Aaron Klug: Top 5 (probably) worse places to get arrested than at a Dungeons & Dragons event

There Aaron Klug was, minding his own business at a Dungeons & Dragons event Tuesday, when the pesky cops showed up. Did he slay them with his Flaming Battle Axe or bludgeon them with his skull-topped Staff of Power? Did he pelt them to death with polyhedral dice? No, he did not. Instead, the 27-year-old was arrested and charged with the June robbery of a Longmont bank, according to the Boulder Daily Camera. But could it have been worse?

Sure, the circumstances of Klug's arrest were no doubt embarrassing -- handcuffed in front of the Dungeon Master! But we think Klug should look on the bright side.

Cheer up, man! After all, you could have been busted at these five places, which are more just as embarrassing as a D&D event.

5. At your colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are private. For a very good reason.

4. Waiting in line to see You Again. Seriously, this movie looks like it sucks. Everybody in jail will make fun of you.

3. At a "Weird Al" Yankovic convention. "Weird Al" Yankovic conventions are so nerdy, they're almost cool. But even so, a headline that says, "Man wearing 'My Bologna' T-shirt Arrested for Check Fraud at 'Weird Al' Convention" is something you wouldn't want your friends and family to read.

2. At the drugstore, in the lice shampoo aisle. Because then everybody knows you have lice. Which is itchy. And embarrassing.

1. At your mother's colonoscopy. Dude. What were you doing at your mother's colonoscopy?