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Reader: KushCon II deserved more coverage

And here we thought marijuana made its proponents more mellow than our average cranky correspondents.

Yesterday morning, shortly after Nick Lucchesi posted his piece on one of the products he'd seen at KushCon II, Prescription Lock, which ends the "need to hide your weed," Mr. Mezzrow posted this comment:

So let me get this straight: after three days of the largest cannabis convention on the planet, a place where Gov. Gary Johnson essentially offered to re-create the Republican party while Dem Rep Jared Polis hugged a cannabis-edible eating robot and beautiful, talented chefs gave round the clock cooking demos, a place where the Flobots jammed and Dr. Bob Melamede broke down the science of internal cannabinoids, a place where giant grow busses were given away....and this is story you choose to run with Monday morning?

Cmon, Patty! You can do better!

If Mr. Mezzrow had been a little more patient, he would have seen that as the day went on, we published "William Breathes's ten favorite products at KushCon II," as well as 58 photos of "The People of KushCon."

And I have a sneaking suspicion that those won't be the last stories concerning medical marijuana (and cannabis in general) to hit the Latest Word. After all, Michael Roberts (who's on vacation for the next two weeks) had already offered a couple of previews of KushCon II -- out of eleven total posts last week that are now in our Marijuana archives.

But in the meantime, we've found that our correspondents -- cranky or not -- are often our best tipsters on cannabis coverage. So thanks for your comment. Mr. Mezzrow, and feel free to post more story suggestions below.

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