Taveuan Williams on Facebook in RadioShack hostage drama: "Swear to God ima die"

These days, lotsa people don't believe something has happened unless they've posted about it on Facebook. But Taveuan Williams is said to have taken such feelings to an extreme, when he reportedly Facebooked a photo while at the center of a six-hour hostage drama at an East Colfax RadioShack, along with a caption that read, "Swear to God ima die."

Williams may be only nineteen, but he's no stranger to violence. Indeed, he's quoted in a May 2009 Denver Post article about coming upon a dead body near a North Franklin bus stop while riding his bicycle. "I just woke up. I came down here and found out someone was dead," he said at the time, when he was just sixteen. His overall description of the experience: "It's crazy."

No doubt the crowd that gathered outside the RadioShack on Friday morning felt likewise. Williams and Michael Annan, 25, allegedly tried to knock over the store, but something went terribly wrong, and they eventually holed up inside with a hostage, RadioShack manager Christopher Nimerfroh, 28. At least one of them is also said to have exchanged fire with police during the six-hour stand-off that followed -- when, that is, Williams wasn't Facebooking or texting with family and friends urging him to surrender.

According to the Post, one response to Williams read, "Come on man! Yo daughter needs you. Think about her!"

Seems that Williams eventually took this advice, surrendering to authorities along with Annan around 4 p.m. But Williams couldn't stop telling his story, subsequently agreeing to a jailhouse interview with Fox31. He said to correspondent Mark Meredith, "I wasn't trying to be big and bad...none of that. I'm not gonna lie...I was scared, I had emotions going through my stomach that I had never felt before."

He also said, "Hopefully I'll be able to see daylight again and I'll be able to see my little girl," but that seems unlikely outside of visiting hours. He and Annan are both being held on a $200,000 bond, and while charges have yet to be finalized, they'll likely call for an extended stretch at the Cross Bar Hotel.

Here's the Fox31 interview with Williams, accompanied by booking photos of him and Annan.

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