Over the Weekend...Graffiti in the Gardens, Kanye West, Local Hip-Hop, and the Art of the Early Show!

Oh what a weekend. Things we learned:

1. People get all hot an bothered about zoning issues. Weird, we know, but check out some of these comments on Joel Warner's tour of ugly houses in Highland. The Highland. The Highlands. Whatever your real estate agent or copyeditor wants to call it.

2. A garden can transform itself into a vital place to see some great underground art by simply inviting some of the best graffiti artists around to paint some murals that will stay up all season. Here's a slide show to prove it.

3. You don't need a microphone to truly rock the mike. Just ask Yonnas of the Pirate Signal, who wouldn't let technical difficulties get in the way of his performance at F.O.E.'s CD release party this weekend.

4. Rihanna looks good. OMIGOD does Rihanna look good. Oh, and Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, and N.E.R.D. were at the Pepsi Center this weekend as well.

5. Next time your friend says the show starts at "rock time" double check what she means, because a duo of local promoters with some serious foresight are making an effort to get bands on and playing while you're still trying to forget work with your first five Friday happy hour drinks. You may soon be regularly able to rock your fucking face off AND be in bed with enough time to really enjoy Saturday morning cartoons again.

All in all, an educational weekend. Which is good because, as I learned without hangover on Saturday, apparently knowing is half the battle. Whatever that means.