New Web Innovation: KOSI Site Boasts Most Annoying Pop-up Ever

Website pop-ups are irritating under the best circumstances -- but the one currently afflicting the KOSI/101.1 FM home page takes the displeasure to a new and heretofore unimagined level -- all courtesy of morning-show co-host Denise Plante.

The first time (and only the first time, thank goodness) that a computer-user logs on to the KOSI site, Plante materializes in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, moving and squawking about "Women's Wellness Wednesdays," a feature sponsored by the Medical Center of Aurora and Centennial Medical Plaza. She continues to babble for around fifteen seconds, after which she literally tosses the Women's Wellness Wednesdays logo at the viewer. Duck and cover!

Don't know how women feel after being subjected to this crazed advertisement, which somehow flummoxed my pop-up blocker. But I could use some medical care, stat. -- Michael Roberts