Does Chad Ochocinco plan a siesta against the Broncos?

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, who cut off his "Johnson" some time ago, is in self-promotional overload prior to the team's season-opening contest against your Denver Broncos. But will he be tweeting? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has warned players not to feed Twitter during games, apparently because he doesn't want to undermine the impression that they actually care who wins or loses. But after announcing that he'd pulled the plug on his account, he started up again six days later, and implied this week that he's found a loophole in the ban. As for his most recent posts, they include "Storm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," apparently directed at Champ Bailey; a special prayer for Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu, who injured his knee in last night's game against the Tennessee Titans; an admittedly lame joke ("Why didn't the skeleton go to the high-school dance? Because he had no-body"), and the photo seen here of him posing in a sombrero.

Are you ready for some football?