Photos: Top ten cars whose drivers can be jerks on icy roads

Last year, we shared our list of the ten scariest out-of-state license plates to see in a storm. But plates aren't the only warnings of roadway dangers when the conditions are snowy, icy or, in the case of this morning, seemingly fine for the most part, but deceptively slick in spots. Over the years, I've noticed that terrible drivers tend to gravitate to certain kinds of cars. Of course, that doesn't mean every person who owns one of the rides listed here is dangerous -- but I definitely watch out for the following makes and models. Here's my very subjective top ten. [jump] Number 10: Yukon Denali In my experience, the jerkiness of Yukon Denali drivers hasn't always been conscious. Rather, distraction is more often the issue. Imagine a harried mom so busy trying to hand juice boxes over the seat to a gaggle of kids that she's hardly watching the road. Then imagine she's behind the wheel of a vehicle the size of a small building and the asphalt seems to have been greased. Now you've got the idea.... Number 9: Ford Ranger When the weather turns bad, too many Ranger owners take advantage of the opportunity to blow past smaller, slower cars. Problem is, the lack of weight over the rear axle when the truck bed is empty makes them (and lots of other passenger trucks) prone to fishtailing and spinning -- which is what happened to me on a snowy New Year's Eve a while back, when a Ranger did a 180 directly in front of me on 6th Avenue. Additional factor: The driver may have been getting a hand job at the time. Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten cars whose drivers can be jerks on icy roads.