Schmuck of the Week

Maria Hardman, Muslim drinker, is our Shmuck of the Week

Boulder's Maria Hardman has a problem.

The nineteen-year-old University of Colorado student was too pious to remove her headscarf for a booking photo this week when she reported to jail. But she wasn't quite devoted enough to her adopted Islamic faith to keep from getting drunk and driving.

Hardman, who reportedly started wearing a hijab after converting to Islam, refused to allow Boulder County sheriff's deputies to photograph her without it.

She told them, according to news reports, that the Koran tells women they have to wear the scarf unless they around their family.

Hardman had been arrested in August and was reporting to the jail to carry out her two-day sentence at the time. She has now been cited for contempt of court.

The debate over whether Islamic women should be forced to remove their headscarves for drivers' license photos, booking shots and other pictures has been debated many times before in the United States, especially in the post-9/11 era.

What makes Hardman's argument seem insincere is that she had been charged and sentenced for driving her scooter (which she also crashed) while under the influence of alcohol -- something that is also not permitted by her faith.

Hardman claimed that she was drinking punch and didn't realize it was spiked.

Religion might make you single-minded. Hypocrisy makes you a Shmuck.

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