John Hickenlooper promises Marvin Booker family private viewing of Denver jail death video

Mayor John Hickenlooper is out with a statement in the wake of Denver DA Mitch Morrissey's just-announced decision not to file charges in the Denver Jail death of Marvin Booker on July 9. He says the investigation is ongoing, and reveals that his office is working with Booker's family to arrange a private viewing of a video showing the incident. Read the statement below:

Mayor Hickenlooper statement on Marvin Booker case

DENVER, CO ­-- Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010 -- Mayor John Hickenlooper today issued a statement in response to District Attorney Mitch Morrissey's decision in the Marvin Booker case.

"The City is moving forward with the Sheriff Department's internal affairs investigation. We remain committed to a thorough, fair and timely review of the case. The deputies involved remain on investigatory leave during the internal affairs investigation.

"The Denver Sheriff Department is investigating the case with the oversight of the Office of Independent Monitor and ultimate review by the Manager of Safety. The Sheriff Department is finalizing plans for a national review of appropriate jail policies.

"We are committed to working with Mr. Booker's family and their attorneys to arrange a private viewing of the jail video. The video will be made available to the public at the conclusion of the internal affairs investigation and disciplinary process. It is not appropriate to release the video at this time because witnesses are still being interviewed as part of the internal affairs investigation."