Photos: Seven new DIA train greetings Michael Hancock should record

Most politicians like to hear themselves talk, but Mayor Michael Hancock may have taken an appreciation for his own voice to a new level over the past three years. During that time, the mayor has recorded at least seventeen messages that been played inside the terminal trains at Denver International Airport. It has all been done in the name of art, of course, since the recording, known as "Train Call," is actually a public art piece -- although a much less menacing one that Leo Tanguma's gas mask-clad marauder in "New World Order."

But the latest message raised a few eyebrows. That's because Hancock, a Democrat in a predominantly left-leaning city, was welcoming the 24-member Republican National Convention's site-selection committee, who were in town June 9-11 to evaluate whether Denver should play host to the next Clint Eastwood chair-a-thon in 2016.