Denver misses out on Travis Henry trial

Travis Henry, Montana-bound.

It's been too long since we've had a good celebrity trial in Colorado. The various Joe Nacchio hearings don't really count -- just because his photo's on lots of dart boards owned by former Qwest employees and investors doesn't make him a star -- and the Kobe Bryant case fell apart long before reaching the testify-and-try-to-look-sincere stage. The dearth of luminaries is so severe that Bryant lawyer Pamela Mackey, once mocked on Saturday Night Live by none other than Tina Fey, has been reduced to defending a software executive accused of killing 32 of his neighbor's bison.

And now, the fate of former Broncos running back Travis Henry, who was busted for assorted cocaine-related beefs, will be decided in, of all places, Montana, reportedly because that's where authorities found a car containing assorted drugs supplied by Henry and James Mack, his co-defendant.

C'mon, feds! He was arrested here, not in Montana! We file an objection! -- Michael Roberts