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Readers: Meth heads to lead the zombie apocalypse?

Earlier this week, we posted about the arrest of Dennis O'Dell from the hammer murder of his uncle -- a crime Colorado Springs Police believe was inspired and potentially fueled by meth.

The account sparked this exchange about the difference between meth heads and zombies.

fdhuy writes:

Meth will destroy the world, it's the most evil drug out there. Anyone claiming different is either lying or high on meth. I`ve been in rooms with meth heads and it's just unbelievable how fast their mood can change over nothing, One minute they are as nice as nice can be and suddenly they change. A sound or a car or a bad vibe makes them turn on you, scary as hell. Hot tip: There is only one way to stop a meth head. Normal people you punch in the face, but that does not work at all with these creatures. You have to punch them hard in the gut, knock the wind out of them. Only then will they go down. You can hit them 40 times in the head and nothing happens.

_Joe_ writes:

I actually think that when the 'zombie apocalypse' comes, it's just going to be an army of tweaking meth heads.

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