Kenyon Martin's birthday: Rookie Nuggets guard Gary Forbes elected to serenade him

Nugget Kenyon Martin's birthday was surely better than his April Fool's Day, when teammate J.R. Smith's driver filled K-Mart's SUV with buttered popcorn. The power forward's December 30 birthday appears to have been a happier affair, though it, too, involved some Nuggets hazing: Rookie guard Gary Forbes was elected to sing "Happy Birthday" to Martin, who turned 33.

Click here to watch the video, in which Forbes looks equal parts embarrassed and squirmy as his fellow players (one of them shirtless; happy birthday, indeed!) record his rendition on their cell phones and Coach George Karl laughs in the background. Giggle if you want, but Forbes's warbling was arguably better than the team's Christmas rap. "Don't forget Rudolph in Nuggets apparel!"