The Right Stuff

That's Brad Jones in the upper-righthand corner.
Twenty-three-year-old Republican political consultant Brad Jones has been the subject of much furious typing on local liberal blogs since earlier this week, when it was revealed that he was behind the ousting of state Representative Mike Merrifield as chairman of the House Education Committee. Jones' website, had posted e-mails written by Merrifield to Sue Windels, a fellow Democrat and the chair of the Senate Education Committee, saying that charter school supporters "deserve a special place in hell." Windels has since faced calls by some to step down from her post, but she has thus far refused.

It has been noted — quite ominously — that Jones has connections with the Independence Institute, a Golden-based libertarian think tank known for bare-knuckles advocacy. But it was during his college years at CU Boulder where Jones, then president of the College Republicans, really earned his education in conservative activism. To check out how, read "The Right Stuff," penned by yours truly for the Boulder Weekly back in 2004. — Jared Jacang Maher