"Nuisance playhouses" fail to meet minimum joy requirements: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The word "JAIL" painted over the entry of the playhouse pictured above suggests that this is the backyard play area of children who may be playing a little too rough. That the structure lacks doors hints at the high volume of pretend incarcerations, and the closed blind intimates at the severity of imaginary punishment. More evidence of overcrowded conditions below. While the placement of the playhouse pictured above does make playful use out of the thin slice of land between parking spaces, it also sets restrictions on the range of play. Access to the entry of the playhouse suggests that users must confine their activity and always be on the lookout for moving vehicles.

The pinched area between the sides of the playhouse and the adjacent garages hints at dark interior spaces that might limit a child's vision and imagination. The piled snow and attendant garbage barrels indicate that play is seemingly just a waste of time.

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