More Messages: Coaching Change

Circa early 2006, J.J. McKay and Rick "The Coach" Marshall (seen in the foreground of the accompanying publicity shot) were mainstays of KOOL 105's s0-called Kool Morning Krew, and they were doing fine in the ratings. According to McKay, "We were number eight with adults from 25-54, number three for adults 35-64 -- and we were never out of the top ten the whole time we did the show." These results didn't save them; they were sent to the bench in April. But as of 9 a.m. Monday, December 18, they're returning to the game on their website,

The pair will broadcast live on the Internet for three hours each weekday morning, McKay says, and the music they'll play is what he describes as "real oldies" -- a commodity that's getting harder to find on Denver airwaves these days. In an attempt to draw in more listeners under the age of 54, KOOL has eliminated the vast majority of Fifties and early Sixties rock from its playlist -- a decision that likely factored into the firing of J.J. and the Coach. Moreover, the syndicated oldies approach 1510 AM's been utilizing was dumped this week; the station is now employing the classic-country format previously offered by 1600 AM, which is about to become Denver's home to ESPN Radio.

McKay emphasizes that he and Marshall won't be the only personalities on the site. In the coming year, he says, "other big-name jocks" will be joining the fold. Still, the old Kool Krewmembers are the primary draw right now. "Coach and I have received a lot of e-mails asking, 'Hey, what happened, and where can I hear you?'" McKay notes. "Well, so far, no one's been smart enough to hire us, which I never understood. But as of Monday, we're back." -- Michael Roberts