Tim Tebow is Broncos' number two -- although he looked like number two at times vs. Vikings

Nothing like a 1-3 preseason to get you hyped up for the start of games that matter, right? Then again, the Broncos' 31-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings last night cleared up one thing: Tim Tebow deserves to move up the depth chart and become the Broncos' number two quarterback.

Even though he still hasn't quite figured out how to take a snap.

On Tebow's first play under center, he put the ball on the ground, where it was picked up by the Vikings' Erin Henderson and returned for a touchdown -- and those seven points wound up being the margin of victory.

Tebow also threw a pick in a communication error that was likely his fault.

So why should Tebow be designated as Kyle Orton's backup? After all, Brady Quinn didn't do as badly last night as he has earlier in the preseason, even throwing a touchdown pass to Alric Arnett that demonstrated the sort of touch that's been largely absent from his game since he left Notre Dame.

But even at this best last night, Quinn looked significantly worse than the likes of Tom Brandstater, last year's future of the franchise, who Coach Josh McDaniels tossed out like a permanently soiled jock strap. Note that Brandstater looked strong last night playing for his new team, the Indianapolis Colts.

There are plenty of less expensive quarterbacks capable of giving the Broncos what Quinn can offer. True, simply axing him would be embarrassing for McDaniels, particularly since the deal for Quinn involved the dumping of fan favorite Peyton Hillis -- who would sure as hell be useful right now, given the latest injury to LenDale White, among many other things. But while BQ might look pretty pouting on the sidelines for the rest of the year, he'd also be a notable waste of space.

Tebow, for his part, isn't exactly ready to set the NFL on fire. But while Tebow haters may disagree, he's got significant upside -- and he's never boring.

Now if he could just get comfortable snuggling his hands between his center's cheeks.