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Reader: Tim Tebow's lack of NFL skills puts Josh McDaniels between a rock and a hard place

Our post about Philip Rivers making Josh McDaniels and the Broncos his bitch generated an interesting post about a player who was hardly on the field during that debacle: Tim Tebow.

Is he Denver's savior. One reader thinks not.

This is what Eric had to say:

Eric says:

Maybe the biggest jaw dropper last night occured when Mike Torico from ESPN said that the mood of the pregame Broncos lockerroom was "the bravado of a 7-2 team, not one that's 3-6".


The Chargers came into the game more beat up than ANY team in the NFL. Their offensive line completely dominated Denver's marginally talented journeyman riddled defense. Then they lost their 3rd string tight end. THIRD STRING! On comes Cory Sperry, and the Broncos get schooled by a guy that was activated a few days ago.

Tolbert ran around, over, and threw a defensive line that was routinely blown off the ball, "blazing by" disinterested corners protecting themselves and safeties to old and slow or simply not ready to play.

Mcdaniels dismantled this team, arrogantly jamming whatever his philosophy is down our throats, and rudely and condescendingly dismissing football people like Mike Nolan, Jason Bates, etc.

The little shit isn't going anywhere any time soon. The Broncos can't afford to pay 3 coaches, there's no one left on the incompentent coaching staff even remotely qualified to replace him, and nobody with coaching acumen will touch this mess at this point.

But after the spring player lockout, after next year, all bets are off. Ellis might not know beans about football, but his marketing "spider senses" surely are telling him that everybody knows this crap sandwich is as much his fault as it is the fault of the guy he hired. If Joe is the Joe we all know, he'll slit Mcdaniels' throat to save his unless there's a miraculous reversal of fortune.

Ah, the stench of corporate sleeze!

The saying that Mcdaniels' future here is tied to Tebow is probably accurate.

The longer Tebow's not playing at this point, season done, the more apparent it becomes he can't play quarterback at this level, and Mcdaniels realizes what a catastrophy drafting him was, espescially in light of who was available at the original 14 pick.

Obviously Tebow's refusal to throw at the combine saved him from the scrutiny that would have saved anybody (even Mcdaniels/Ellis) from wasting a pick on him. When he did come in, from day one of the first mini-camp, the coaches realized what everyone else knew....he can't play. Now Mcdaniels is caught between a rock and a hard spot. If they do put him in, his weak arm and slow feet will be exposed. If they don't play him, people will demand to know why.

Nice guy, I suppose, good role model, I guess, a self marketing genius for sure.

Just can't play football, at the qb position, at this level.

What a mess.

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