Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Hickenlooper, Down for the Count

What with all the history being made in Denver these days, it's not surprising that Mayor John Hickenlooper might lose track. On July 9, the city celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the Auditorium Theatre -- which had opened on July 8, 1908, just in time for that year's Democratic National Convention.

And not only is Hickenlooper counting cash that he needs to put on this year's DNC, he's also measuring degrees, in keeping with Cool Biz, the Denver program that's turning up the thermostats -- necessitating that city workers take off their suit coats and ties. The shirt-sleeved Hickenlooper forgot to bring his outerwear to the Auditorium rededication Wednesday. In fact, he also forgot precisely what day it was, noting that this year's Democratic convention would be starting 54 days hence.

Bad news, Hick. Only 47 more days to get ready for the event that kicks off August 25.

Actually, it's now 46. -- Patricia Calhoun