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Reader: NFL Thinks Domestic Violence Isn't as Important as Matt Prater Drinking Two Beers

Broncos kicker Matt Prater was suspended for four games after failing a test mandated by the NFL as part of his membership in an alcohol-abuse program he entered after a 2011 DUI; his attorney says he drank a couple of beers at home while on vacation. Our post on the topic riled up many of our readers, including this one, who points out that Prater's punishment is twice the length of the one doled out to Baltimore running back Ray Rice after allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend/now-wife.

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avsrawesome writes:

Not to minimize a DUI or having an issue with alcohol, but Ray Rice who beat his gf and was on tape only got 2 games. So I guess domestic violence is less of an offense than beating your gf-now-wife on camera in a hotel elevator. She was knocked unconscious by the way.

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