Frances Woodke & Shakiel Madden-Vaughn: Latest on hooker with AIDS, teen sex assaulter

The latest high-profile cases to pass through the Denver District Attorney's Office are quite different in terms of their specifics but similar when it comes to shock value. One woman has been accused (again) of prostitution with knowledge she has AIDS, while a teenager was convicted as an adult for a brutal sexual assault and beating -- with the weapon of choice being a baseball bat.

The former suspect is Frances Woodke, who was busted late last month for hooking, even though she knows she carries the AIDS virus. This isn't Woodke's first turn around the block when it comes to such an allegation. She pleaded guilty to the same crime in 2000 and 2008 -- although maybe those convictions somehow slipped her mind.

As for Shakiel Madden-Vaughn, he was just sixteen in January 2009 when he allegedly followed a forty-year-old woman home from a light rail station and stole her purse -- but not before slamming her with a bat and sexually assaulting her.

Madden-Vaughn was given a 75-years-to-life sentence for this crime, and there's potentially more to come: He faces charges in two more attacks from around the same period of time.

Look below to see booking photos of Woodke and Madden-Vaughn, as well as more details from the Denver DA's office.


Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has formally charged a 45-year-old woman accused of prostitution with the knowledge she has AIDS.

Frances Woodke (dob: 05-05-65) is charged with prostitution (M3), solicitation for prostitution (M3) and prostitution w/knowledge of AIDS (F5).

The charges allege that Woodke, who has known for years that she has AIDS, was soliciting for prostitution on January 26, 2011 in the 1400 block of north Elizabeth Street. Woodke pleaded guilty in 2000 and again in 2008 to attempt prostitution with knowledge of AIDS.

Woodke remains in custody in the Denver County Jail; her bond is set at $75,000. She is scheduled to appear in Denver County Courtroom 2100 on February 3, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. to be formally advised of the charges.


A teenager who was charged as an adult in a brutal attack that nearly killed a 40-year-old woman two years ago has been sentenced to a 75-year indeterminate-to-life sentence in prison [Wednesday].

Shakiel Madden-Vaughn (dob: 10-30-92) was found guilty earlier of attempted first-degree murder (F2), two counts of sexual assault (F2), first-degree assault (F3) and aggravated robbery (F3).

Madden-Vaughn was 16-years old in January 2009, when he attacked a woman after following her as she walked home from a light rail station in the 9000 block of East Mansfield Avenue. The woman was repeatedly hit with a baseball bat, sexually assaulted and her purse was stolen.

Chief Deputy DA Joseph Morales and Deputy District Attorney P.J. Loew prosecuted the case. Morales had argued for a 128-year maximum sentence for Madden-Vaughn, citing the brutal and random nature of the attack and the ongoing affect to the victim.

Madden-Vaughn still faces charges as an adult in two other separate attacks that occurred within the same week in the same neighborhood last year. He remains in custody in the Denver County Jail.

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