Could a bromance be in Jay Cutler's future?

The Broncos' (former) quarterbacks coach, Jeremy Bates, has left to be the assistant coach/play caller at USC -- and according to the Denver Post, Jay Cutler realllllllllllllly didn't want Bates to leave. Deductive logic therefore gives me the right to say that Cutler may not be a happy man. I think he loved Bates.

Here are snippets from a Los Angeles Times blog in which Cutler speaks about Bates: "Jeremy is one of the best offensive minds in football. He was extremely innovative with our offense and took our playbook to the next level with some of the things he did... some of the things he did were amazing to watch... he brought a lot of excitement to the meeting room and on the field. He made me want to come to work every day and get better."

Now, Jay Cutler is 25 and Bates is 32. That age gap wouldn't necessarily stand in the way of a legitimate friendship. But guess what...

New head coach Josh McDaniels is 32 as well! So if he can break the ice smoothly, maybe with a fist bump and then an off-color joke, maybe these young 'uns will win some Super Bowls even as they become friends in the process -- sort of like Red, Dale and Saul in Pineapple Express. This has the makings of a fine bromance.