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Jeremy and Jamie Ownbey in wife-swapping, punch-throwing Real Housewives of the DPD?

Could the off-duty lives of Denver police officers and their significant others make for a spicy reality show? That's the talk at the department after news broke about an investigation into a brawl involving two Denver cops, Jeremy Ownbey and Steven Sloan, as well as their wives, Jamie and Stephanie. Wags are reportedly referring to the episode as The Real Housewives of the DPD.

What started this schmucky dust-up? Well, wife-swapping may have had something to do with it.

CBS4's Brian Maass gets credit for the scoop on this one. He reports that Ownbey and Sloan are best friends who entered the police academy together eight years ago and have since grown so close that they even vacation together.

They apparently share other things in common as well.

According to a police report obtained at the station, the couples came together on May 19 at Sloans' Aurora home.

However, the Aurora Police Department got involved after the quartet's get-together devolved into a booze-fueled party out of bounds. What set it off? Clues can be found in the following police report excerpt:
"Jamie stated she, Jeremy and Steven have been involved with swinging (amongst themselves) and Steven would like Stephanie (Sloan) to join but she (Stephanie) will not. I asked Jamie (Ownbey) if she had ever been personally intimate with Steven (Sloan), she stated 'yes, during a swing session with Steven and his ex-wife years ago.' Jamie further stated she also participated in two swing sessions with Steven and Jeremy, the most recent was approximately four years ago."
The contact on the 19th wasn't quite so loving, despite reported highlights such as Jamie shedding her top to expose her "lacy undergarments" and supposedly force-feeding Stephanie tequila shots. The document maintains that Sloan "started to fight with Jeremy, with both of them throwing punches at each other.... He admitted to not winning the fight, and after being punched numerous times in the head, he felt as if he was going to lose consciousness."

As such, Sloan "went to get his gun from his truck because he was in fear for his safety and thought he was in danger," the document continues. "Steven stated he punched Jamie in the face for punching Stephanie, and Jamie fell to the ground. Jeremy punched Steven in the face for punching Jamie. Steven stated he then punched Jeremy."

There was initially doubt about whether any of these events would result in criminal charges. Although the APD submitted the case to the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office with a recommendation of several charges against the Ownbeys, weeks passed with no action taken.

But then on Thursday, mere days after the case went public, the logjam miraculously broke. As 9News reports, Jeremy and Jamie have been hit with two counts of misdemeanor child abuse, because they left their two small kids at home during festivities on the 19th. Plus, Jamie is looking at a misdemeanor assault beef and Jeremy has been accused of trespassing.

Jeremy and Sloan are also under investigation by the Denver Police Department and are currently riding desks as a result.

In addition, the Aurora officers may be facing some punishment of their own. Apparently Jeremy Ownbey drove up to the scene while visibly and admittedly drunk, yet the Aurora cops who watched him did nothing to investigate him on possible DUI charges. Instead, they drove him and his car home.

No shortage of schmucks in this story. Here's the CBS4 report.

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