Weld County horses threatened again -- by starvation this time, not execution

If you're reading this and you're a horse, congratulations: You can read -- which is a rare talent if you're a horse (which you are). And considering how smart you are, what with that whole being-able-to-read thing, you should tell your horse buddies to stay out of Weld County -- because life for four-hoofed creatures like yourself has been pretty dodgy there lately.

Just last month, Weld County resident Trenton Parker threatened to publicly execute 24 registered horses over, of all things, a zoning dispute. No horses were harmed in the making of that story -- but the three cared for by Alexis Williamson, 22, weren't so lucky. One had to be euthanized, while the other two are in dire condition, which explains the two animal cruelty charges against her. Check out the specifics below -- and then gallop over to another county.

Horses Seized on Cruelty Case

Weld County Sheriff's Deputies and animal control officers responded to a report of horses being neglected and starving. Three horses were found to be in severe stages of starvation when animal control officers responded to CR 13 and CR 104 rural Wellington, CO on September 29, 2009. One horse had been euthanized by a friend of the horse owner when the horse was not able to get up, just prior to the deputies arrival. The other two horses were examined by a veterinarian and scored a 1.0 and 2.5 on a body conditioning scoring scale which goes to 10. The two horses were removed from the property. The owner Alexis Williamson, age 22, was responsible to feed the horses after her father moved out of state over a year ago. Williamson had two other tenants living at the property. Williamson was arrested on two counts of cruelty to animals and cruelty to animals resulting in death which is a class 6 felony. She has posted a $5,000 bond.

John B. Cooke -- Sheriff