Photos: Top Ten CU Boulder Confessions, Back to School Edition

The first week of classes at CU-Boulder was marred by tragedy -- the death of a male student on the fall term's second day. But while the campus mourns this loss, other newcomers are still trying to acclimate themselves to life at the university.

One place that presents an unvarnished portrait is CU-Boulder Confessions, a page that encourages students to anonymously share those secrets they'd ordinarily keep to themselves. And under the circumstances, it's fortunate that most of them are lighthearted, providing some much-needed relief after such a sad start to the school year. We've collected our ten favorites, photo-illustrated for your pleasure. Count them down below.

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Number 10: Blondes don't always have more fun Not trying to be judgmental or anything. I get it Campus, you're filled with gorgeous blonde white women, but where are all the black women? I need more of you in my life! Shoutout to all the black honeys out there, you da real MVPs. Number 9: Oh snap! SO many dudebros on campus. I didn't think snapbacks and muscle shirts were so popular until I came here, holy shit. Continue to keep counting down the top ten CU Boulder Confessions, back to school edition.