Do Bennet and Udall heart the NRA?

When Michael Bennet was just a baby/his mama told him, son/always be a good boy/don't ever play with guns.

But that (weird, re-imagined-by-me Johnny Cash lyric) didn't stop him from voting for them. Now he and fellow Sen. Mark Udall are in trouble -- at least with the press -- for playing politics and caving in to the NRA. As reported yesterday by the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, Udall and Bennet were apparently among a number of Democrats who voted for an amendment that would have forced states to recognize other states' concealed-weapons permits -- after they said they'd be willing to vote "no" if need be to kill the move. Their apparent reason, as conveyed to Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin by Udall and Bennet's people? Colorado already has concealed-weapon reciprocity with 27 states so the law would have little effect on the state.

From Milbank:

Twenty minutes after the voting began, Bennet and Udall left the cloakroom together and walked into the chamber. Bennet went to the well to consult with Schumer, who indicated that it was safe for Bennet -- a product of D.C.'s St. Albans School -- to vote with the NRA. Bennet looked to Udall, who gave an approving nod, and cast his "aye" vote.

All that nodding seems to have raised some eyebrows at the Denver Post, which penned an editorial today called "Senators misfire on gun measure."

Aye, aye, aye.