Glendale Prostitution Sting Case Goes to Grand Jury

The Glendale prostitution sting case covered in these pages this past November (Glendale Prostitution Sting Has Fringe Benefits, November 27, 2007) will now be going before a grand jury.

The case centers on a hotel sting conducted by the Glendale police department last May, in which Mike Gross, an undercover officer, reportedly let prostitutes put a condom on him and then noted that one of the alleged prostitutes proceeded to “slap” his penis. At issue here are three simple words, “began oral stimulation,” which were written in the margin of an officer’s notes while Gross was undressed in an adjacent room with prostitutes, but not included in the report turned in by Gross – who allegedly told his fellow officers to keep the information out of the report so that he would not have to testify to it.

The verdict won’t become public until all of the cases that the grand jury is handling are finished, which could take up to a year.

-- Luke Turf