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Craig Ferguson says Denver makes him poop funny

Craig Ferguson, host of CBS's Late Late Show, specializes in oversharing -- an approach that frequently leads to comic gold. He did so again in this past Friday's broadcast, when he mentioned that he planned to spend the weekend in Denver.

Why? It was a secret, he says in the clip above (beginning at about the two minute point). He subsequently notes, "I like Denver, because when you take off from L.A. and your plane reaches cruising altitude.. and then it lands, right there, and that's you in Denver." He adds, "It's very high up, you can't breathe at all -- and it makes me poop funny. And I don't mean comedy funny. I mean kind of like, 'What the -- what?'"

Take note, visitor's bureau. Imagine how many people would visit Denver just to see if it did something special to their shit...