Shaul in the Family

June 10's KS-107.5 Summer Jam at Coors Amphitheatre was not for the linguistically sensitive. F-bombs went off more frequently than Iraq IEDs during the hip-hop festival, with headliner Snoop Dogg certainly holding up his end. The D-O-Double-G's most frequent call-and-response chant was "Hell motherfuckin' yeah!," but he also led the crowd in numerous variations on this theme, including "I wanna get fucked uuuuuuup!," which he voiced as an introduction to "Gin & Juice."

Surprising? Hardly. But the mid-concert appearance by Channel 31's Shaul Turner certainly was. The morning anchor was there to award the winner of a KS-107.5/Channel 31 contest, and during her time at the microphone, she did her best to seem with-it, calling the victorious young lady "girlfriend" and hyping Chamillionaire, the MC who followed her to the stage. "I'm glad I have a ride," Turner said, "because I don't want to get caught ridin' dirty" -- a reference to "Ridin," Chamillionaire's biggest hit, in which he boasts about cruising with "a full clip and my pistola." Additional lines: "Doin' a hundred while I puff on the blunt/And rollin' another one up, we livin' like we ain't givin' a fuck."

Channel 31's decision to hook up with KS-107.5 makes perfect sense. The Summer Jam co-promotion gave the station an opportunity to reach members of the 25-and-under demographic, who are drifting away from traditional news oulets at a steady rate. Still, putting Turner in the position of acting like an around-the-way-girl before approximately 18,000 largely oblivious young people was unintentionally hilarious -- the equivalent of asking Martha Stewart to referee a food fight. -- Michael Roberts