Schmuck of the Week

US OpenAir's movie pull-out treats Denver to a dinner for Shmucks of the Week

Over the past two years, Denver has had a close encounter with Massachusetts-based US OpenAir, which wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of easy money to build a grandstand and show movies in two of the city's biggest parks. But what they got was a mad, mad, mad, mad world of angry gremlins who thought the parks should be preserved for people -- free of charge.

The ensuing war games pitted the city and US OpenAir against the park people.

This week, US OpenAir announced that it was retiring its idea to the killing fields, however, saying it couldn't attract enough sponsors for its simple plan. In other words, the effort to do things in Denver is dead.

And now that Denver has seen the good, the bad and the ugly from US OpenAir's double indemnity, we won't have hear about it again. They are gone with the wind.

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