Josh McDaniels: Broncos coach goes from f-bombs to silent surrender vs. Raiders (video)

In yesterday's list of the top ten ways Josh McDaniels has destroyed the Denver Broncos, our number-one choice noted that rather than confronting players over the team's 59-14 pasting by the hated Raiders, he went into "a private shell of misery -- precisely the wrong thing to do under the circumstances." Far preferable would have been for him to repeat last year's f-bomb performance than to meekly accept defeat.

You remember his profanity display: On Thanksgiving 2009, McDaniels lost his shit with the squad after the New York Giants held the Broncos to a field goal in one possession, ranting about his desire to "win the motherfucking game" in front of NFL Network cameras. And in the end, the Broncos did win, 26-6.

Afterward, McDaniels offered plenty of I'm-sorries for his language. In response, I wrote the post "Josh McDaniels: No apologies necessary, Coach McF," arguing that "when you're on your own sidelines, he should feel free to let the f-bombs fly. During this up-and-down Broncos season, the team requires some verbal kicks in the ass to go along with the physical kind, and Coach McF is just the man to deliver them."

Apparently not. In stark contrast to the passion he displayed last year, he seemed like a robot wiped clean of all emotion by the pounding delivered by the Raiders -- and his lack of interest sends a message to the rest of the team that they don't need to care, either. No wonder so many fans fear that Sunday's debacle will set the tenor for the rest of the season.

Look below to compare McDaniels' f-bomb explosiveness, in the top video, to his impassivity late in the fourth quarter of the loss to the Raiders, captured at various intervals during the bottom clip:

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