Meet the judges of the 2010 Westword Web Awards

Pardon this interruption in headlines: We're happy to announce the judges of our 2010 Westword Web Awards. If you haven't nominated your favorite Facebooking restaurant, web start-up or Twittering bartender for the Westword Web Awards yet, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Yes, as you may have heard, we're recognizing the best of the local web this year with the Westword Web Awards. Whether it's Facebook-savvy businesses, shameless self-promoters or those who just post the most epic of tweets, we want to know whose content is full of the most Win in 2010.

We're closing the polls in about a week, so time is running out. Once the nominees are finalized, we're handing them off to a crew of local web-savvy tech geeks who know what smart use of social media and the Internet looks like.

Without further ado, let's meet our judges

1. John Dicker As one of the creators of the multi-state bar-trivia phenomenon, Geeks Who Drink, it's clear John Dicker knows a good idea when he sees one.

2. Jeff Lange Better known on the interwebs as "DigiJeff," Lange is a web developer who brings a weighty digital resume to the table:

Back in 2002 I decided to create a big hip hop fan network because I noticed that the record labels official sites for hip hop artists lacked a lot of content. I built a total of 118 sites which were getting (at peak) 70k unique visitors a day. My biggest site was (built for G-Unit/50 Cent fans) to get the most updated news & content. I had nobody helping me manage all these sites during this period and everything was just taking off, I ended up selling the sites later in 2008. In 2006 I hooked up with Grammy award winning artist Chamillionaire where I managed all his digital social media accounts. Last year in 2009 I did a bet with him if he gets #1 on itunes with his new song "Good Morning" I would jump out of a plane with his album title on my shirt... less than 36 hours he got #1. I decided to do it in a pink shirt and also put #beatcancer on the shirt to bring awareness to their awesome social media campaign where $0.01 is donated every time someone mentions #beatcancer in their twitter/facebook tweets. The lady behind #beatcancer saw what I did and got me on CNN with Don Lemon to talk about it. They decided to do #beatcancer again and I helped out a lot with getting people involved with the campaign: Alyssa Milano, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Chad Ochocinco and others. Campaign went really well again for the second year (this was just last week). Lately I been just doing PHP freelance work and Facebook applications for Appbistro.

3. Ef Rodriguez Rodriguez is a Boulder-based social media hound and developer who also organizes TEDxBOULDER, Ignite Boulder and writes for the local HuffPo and

4. Cory Casciato This former Westword scribe now does time for The A.V. Club Denver/Boulder. He's missed here, but he's been nice enough to come back and help us pick the best of the web in Denver.

5. Victor Barrera Victor Barrera, originally from Los Angeles, was a social media journeyman who's worked and collaborated with companies such as Warner Brothers, TMZ, Mail Media Corporation and Myspace. He's currently the Social Media Strategist for Village Voice Media; the media group of which Westword is a part. When he's not in front of a computer he's usually sipping on gin and/or juice among many other tasty beverages. He also likes pie. Follow Vic on Twitter @VTBarrera.

Now that you know our list of judges, get in the game and nominate your favorite Web presences in Denver by voting in our Westword Web Awards poll!