Discreet Treats dispensary break-in: Did thieves have (or want) the munchies?

The website for Colorado Springs' Discreet Treats notes that its two locations aren't typical medical marijuana centers, since both have professional-grade kitchens that cook up edibles ranging from Buddha Brownies to take-and-bake MMJ pizza. It's an enticing combination that apparently prompted a break-in early this morning that a shop rep doesn't want to discuss.

According to the Colorado Springs Police blotter, officers responded to an alarm at Discreet Treats' 288 South Academy Boulevard branch. Investigation, presumably involving surveillance footage, subsequently revealed that two men forced entry by a not-too-subtle method: They broke a front-glass window. One of the men then climbed over the center's security bars and entered the business. But while the two ultimately gained access to three rooms in the dispensary, they didn't take anything before splitting in advance of the cops' arrival.

In all likelihood, this pair discovered what earlier thieves learned after busting into a dispensary: getting the goods ain't easy. Here's how our William Breathes explained it in a May robbery that netted the scofflaws $8 from the karma jar:

Each night, by law (and by the law of common sense), MMCs lock up everything, including ganja and money, in massive iron vaults that would require one of you to be trained in safe cracking and Hollywood-like timing and execution. And I highly doubt that would be possible, considering you guys overlooked so many plants.
But what if these guys just wanted some munchies -- the kind that give you more munchies? How difficult would it be to get to the edibles? We called Discreet Treats this morning to ask, but the staffer who answered the phone declined to answer questions, saying he had no interest in being in the news.

He may not have a choice, particularly if the police manage to reel in the failed crooks. One is described as being of "unknown race" and was last seen wearing a light-colored jacket, jeans and a beanie-style cap. His partner was a white male in an identical outfit, plus thick gloves and a bandana over his face. They both had backpacks with them.

Were they figuring on loading up with Discreet Treats? If so, they figured wrong.

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