Mother Nature screws urban snowboarders at Denver's Ruby Hill Park

In yet another example of why global warming sucks, Denver Parks and Recreation announced yesterday that they are once again postponing the January 24 opening of the Ruby Hill Rail Yard, the nation's only urban snowboard park, "until further notice."

The culprit? Unseasonably warm weather.

Obviously, the photo above is from last year, since we figured an image of a bunch of grass and inert snow blowers would just be depressing to the hundreds of kids who have flocked to the West Denver spot in past seasons. A Parks Department press release says staff from Winter Park "will be checking temperatures weekly to see if this postponement will result in a changed date or cancellation."

If things don't cool off soon, Parks spokesperson Michelle Madrid-Montoya admits the result could be the "cancellation of the whole project altogether."

What's that word again? Oh yes. Suck.